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Clinical Assistant Diploma with Limited Medical Radiography Diploma

The purpose of the Clinical Assistant with Limited Medical Radiography diploma is to prepare students to provide quality health service by performance of clinical skills in a medical office or clinic. The program also provides a progressive academic and clinical educational environment by training students to become highly competent and qualified to administer ionizing radiation for medical diagnostic imaging purposes while preparing them for future licensing examination.

Upon successful completion of this program, students will be able to: demonstrate safe practices in the performance of clinical procedures required by physicals, including CPR and first aid; accurately perform limited waived medical laboratory tests and diagnostic procedures, including electrocardiograms; and administer ionizing radiation (x-rays) for medical diagnostic imaging purposes.

Due to the administrative content of the Clinical Assistant with LMR program, graduates will be eligible to sit for certification through the American Medical Technologist (AMT) as a Registered Medical Assistant (RMA).

Locations offering this program:

4627 Dixie Highway
Louisville, KY 40216

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